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Best time to make a change!



When you walk out your front door, where do you want to be?
Re-evaluating where we are, who we are and what brings us community, joy, new experiences and positive lifestyle! 
This is a fantastic time to make the changes to a larger, smaller or new location with your home!  ...remember, "When you walk out your front door, where do you want to be!?"

It's a great time to buy your first home! 

It's a time of opportunity to make the change you would like to consider!  Be where you want to be, selling is great and purchasing is still the value to your life that can help you build to your better future- and all while living in the neighborhood that speaks to you best.

Interest rates are so low...whatever you've been considering in housing needs- I will help you with enthusiasm and current market knowledge!!!  It's a time to invest! you know of any families or individuals that could be investing now with a little bit of help?  
Let's consider all of your options and available opportunities to be where you are truly Home and where you want to be to live your fullest life!!!

Please click onto my Community Page to find links to Districts in the Metropolitan area and surrounding areas along with numerous web links to connect you to Events, Music, Museums along with Walking/Biking Trails and SO much more in this unprecedented city! Follow my blog link above as well "NapkinNotes of PDX" and stay tuned to what's going on around town; admittedly, I'm not keeping up on this blog as well as I'd like to- yet  there is absolutely tooooo much to keep track of!  Best to follow the links on my Community Page, lol...

Please send me an email for a look at what might be available for you, Most Sincerely!  Linda

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